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  1. I keep finding new things I want! Curious to see what is on your wish list. I would love an Alpine by Dura-Craft Greenleaf Willowcrest Real Good Toys Front Opening Georgian Mansion St Charles Lasercut Dora Kuhn Chalet with all the furniture So many more! What is on your most wanted list?
  2. Thanks! Yes I did some sleuthing and it was offered by Sears They had another design called the "Cape Cod" which occasionally comes up on Ebay. Can't find anything else about them though. Now I own a "Sears Kit House!" Hah. Too bad its too small to live in. I think I am gonna try to build this one as my first project. I love that its obscure.
  3. I just bought a dollhouse kit that was unmarked except for "Storybook Cottage" and a model number. Its not the Greenleaf house. Unsealing the box, it comes with paint, shingles, flowers and "grass" for the front yard, windows, etc. It seems to be of decent quality. The maker is listed on the book as G. Pierce out of Chicago, I would guess the manufacture date to be sometime in the 60s or 70s based on the images in the book. Anyone heard of this maker?
  4. Really? I bought the one near me. It comes with shingles, paint, flowers, "grass" for the yard and the wood seems nice and heavy. I wonder if it is the same thing. Mine is made by G Pierce. Gonna post to see if anyone knows about that company in another thread.
  5. So amazed by the skill of many of you! I just wonder...being new to this world in general, despite loving dollhouses my entire life and having gone to a few shows...if it is more popular for a house to be super accurate, almost a scale model of a real place OR do you like a little whimsy and quirk to your houses? I find I am drawn to the really high level artisan work but I always want to populate it with some antique pieces that might not be to scale, or I find a "resident" who looks more like a doll than a realistic human model (or I want the three bears to live in the house!) Are there dif
  6. Someone near me was selling an identical kit and I found this on eBay. I can't see or find anything on this even after hours of searching through images. Anyone know this one? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Doll-House-Kit-Story-Book-Cottage-49-14142-New-In-Box-Vintage-Retro-Rare/302779729539?hash=item467f140683:g:JIgAAOSwPi9en1~V
  7. Thanks! I will check it out! Anyone familiar with this one? I can't find any info about it and there are 2 on ebay. This seller is right near me. He says the box is sealed and he has no idea about maker or even what material its made of https://www.ebay.com/itm/174075457695?boolp=5&ul_noapp=true
  8. Thanks! I'm not really enthusiastic about the way most Real Good Toys kits look. Theres exceptions of course. How does Greenleaf stack up for a first timer? Any difference with the laser cut models? I see Arrow houses from the '70s from time to time. Some interesting models there. Any idea if those are easier or more difficult?
  9. @Mid-life madnessonce I get a few more pieces for it and fix a couple minor issues I will post better pics. I would love to hear from anyone who has other houses by this artist. I have seen that he did a lot of unique shops and other sorts of buildings through my Google image search.
  10. Curious about what you experienced folks think! I am skittish of kits but am constantly looking for old or discontinued models on Ebay just because I am fascinated by them. What do you think is a good kit for a not super meticulous newbie? Any models to avoid?
  11. Having a hard time getting photos tye right size...they are so much bigger on my phone. It came with a few accessories. The unit on the wall was built in, and all wallpaper and lighting hand done. Its been sitting in storage for a few years but we just moved and brought it with us. I definitely have some work to do but its very detailed and beautiful on its own!
  12. I think i need this. My husband disagrees. You would need a full room to display it where you could walk around it completely. Based on the dimensions I don't even know what scale you would call it. But its just so darn cool. https://www.rubylane.com/item/719320-TFP-16632/Antique-HUGE-Dollhouse-Quinta-MIMI-Hotel
  13. Thanks! That gives me some insight. This is the hat shop. I got it for (I think) $85. I had a feeling it was pretty special.
  14. @FurMamano, its a sad tale. My dad got remarried and sold my entire collection at a yard sale when I was at college. I only found out because one of our neighbors had given me little brass candlesticks and bought them back. I am starting off slowly with building the Adams. I'd like to get to a place where I can kit hack an Arthur to look more like my current house which is kind of a stretched out version with a wrap around porch and 5 bays across the front. But a lot of my energy is going to renovations in my actual house at the moment. I do love seeing what others do with their kit
  15. Nice job! You are brave. I ordered an Adams kit for my first one, hehe. Not really sure that I have ANY skill for this. Love the colors you used.
  16. Just a quick intro. I have always been fascinated by dollhouses. The Arthur was my first dollhouse. I saved up my money at 10 to buy a kit. My dad partially assembled it before he gave up and got bored. Thus it never had shingles or all of the trim or any paint. But I loved it anyway. I would get to go to the dollhouse store once a year on my birthday and buy whatever I could afford with my birthday money. As an adult my love for houses has led me to a deep interest in decorating and design of old homes. No new construction for this girl! We just moved into my "dream house" in July. And
  17. I don't know if this is the right place for this, but I thought I would ask. I have a hat shop dollhouse I picked up at a flea market a few years ago. It has a plaque on it that says "Handcrafted by Robert E. Bernhard, 1997." I have done some searching and there are some furniture pieces that come up and a few other houses I can find that sold on auction sites but not a lot of information about the maker. My hat shop is fabulously detailed. Any info about this miniaturist?
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