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  1. You have obviously learned the first rule of building a dollhouse kit. I hear some colors, so sometimes my decor may look strange, too. Half my job is just me going "well how am I going to hide that?" so it seems the skill was transferable. You have synesthesia? I've never actually talked to someone with it before. That must making picking colours difficult.
  2. I've made her a bunch of peg people to go with the house. Now I just have to wait until she is old enough to not try and eat the shingles. Also, the moss is actually hiding irregularities and other unattractive bits.
  3. Thank you! The interior turned out much better than the exterior.
  4. I've been admiring the Greenleaf dollhouses online for years, but had never been able to justify the expense, until this spring, when the world got cancelled. I live in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada, and for the first couple months of lockdown, you literally couldn't go outside without your face freezing within a minute or two, so I decided I needed a project, and bought the Magnolia. Now I'm hooked! I'll admit I rushed out of excitement and I'm not thrilled with the colour, and I'm just not happy with how it turned out, so I'm giving it to my daughter to play with. I've ordered the Buttercup
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