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  1. I had bought three inexpensive 1/12 scale pottery pieces from a Chinese seller on Aliexpress for a few dollars. My wife decided she could make them Native American with a little work. This was the first. The second is finished and the third will soon be.
  2. The decals are a lot thinner and more invisible (but more work) than the clear labels. That's why I chose them instead.
  3. I found dollhouse miniature mugs with names on them at a store in Atlanta but they were just selling what was left since the manufacturer stopped making them and none of the names were what we needed. So I ordered some blank ones from Thailand and used my decals to make my own. I might put a Southwestern picture on the back but we love them as they are. Using Hayes Clear Water-slide Decal Paper and word-processing software, I just printed them on inkjet printer, sprayed with matte acrylic 3 times, cut them out and put them on the mugs. I only used a small corner of the sheet of paper so I can
  4. Oops! We recently rewatched the whole series on Acorn streaming. I did not know he had written it. I was a Rumpole but my wife is not a Hilda Rumpole by any means except in the fact that she is a wonderful cook and a loyal partner. Like him, I served in the military. Like him, I never dress up. Like him, I never moved up in management because I was always the rebel fighting windmills. Like him, I ate too much later in life and show it. But I don't drink or smoke and recognized early that I wanted to retire and did it. When looking up John Mortimer, I didn't read far enough to see that he
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. We were planning on doing that when going out to NM next time. I even contacted a non-profit in Albuquerque that helps senior artisans by running a shop to sell their wares to see if one of the seniors might be a dollhouse accessory maker. No luck but they will ask around. As to John Mortimer. I had to look him up as I never heard of him. Sorry.
  6. My bride of 48+ years and I live in western North Carolina after I retired from a major computer company nearly 19 years ago. I was a computer and network security consultant for a major computer company (after 12 years in the military) with a Master's degree in EE and she ( aka she-who-must-be-obeyed) was (is) a housewife "kept in the manner to which she is accustomed". Neither of us had any interest in dollhouses until 3 months ago when she wanted an adobe dollhouse. We lived in NM for 22 years and that's where we left our hearts and where we visit via Amtrak every year and a half or so. We'
  7. As it was created from idea to finish. Step 1.
  8. Absolutely. One of the surfaces I used was a previously white-painted piece of Masonite. Anything white works great.
  9. Don't just look at dollhouses. Model railroad builders do things like this for their scale buildings so you might want to ask in their forums or look in Model Railroad books and magazines also.
  10. Thanks for all the replies. At this point, my friend is building the dollhouse although, as he says, with the nice weather, he's been busy outside. He says he'll have something for us in about 3 weeks - probably the basic construction without the stucco or finish work on it. We found that Formica/WilsonArt laminate looks like it would make great flooring for the non-wood-floor kitchen, bath and patio. However, we have to not only find a design we like but have to find a piece small enough (I don't want to buy a square yard or more) with a design she likes. We did find a free sample a
  11. This is the cardboard full-size replica of the dollhouse with some modifications we made: Lower left - living room with picture window in back (relative to your view), kiva fireplace with banco, stairway, two windows and front door to left. Porch not shown. It will be removable. Lower center - kitchen with French doors to patio on right. Window in back (not shown). Note the first miniature I bought for her is a copper teakettle. She loves her tea. Lower right - patio with adobe 2' scale walls in front and right. Outer wall of kitchen will be adobe. You may see one of vases on gr
  12. Wow! I appreciate the replies and good ideas. Let me respond to them w/o quoting all of them: LeeB - Great idea about searching for "mission". We'll try that. I thought about modifying some standard items and have ordered a plain wood table and see what I can do. She does jewelry making and is very good at it but has lost partial vision in one eye. I am not good at fine work but we do have some ideas and lots of time before the house is done. havanaholly - nice house! She loved the furniture. Might make us want to try. As to your recommendation of jaxenro, that helps when others give
  13. My wife and I lived in New Mexico for 22 years before ending up back east but we left our hearts there so we only occasionally get to go back to visit (by train). So now, after 48 years of marriage, she has decided she must have an adobe dollhouse with real southwest furniture and accessories. The dollhouse will not be the problem. A fellow model RR club member who makes spectacular custom model RR buildings has offered to make her a 1:12 scale one at a wonderful price. It will have 5 rooms on 2 stories, stuccoed 2' scale outer walls, real full length vigas made of saplings from his back
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