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  1. There are a lot of people out there that think like you do - they are called model railroaders. When the pandemic becomes a memory, take a trip and see what they do. The biggest (they say) model railroad layout in the world is a place called Entertrainment about 20 miles north of Cincinnati and you will be bowled over by the number of buildings and the quality of workmanship - or just visit the Cincinnati Union Station which houses a number of museums and check out their modeling of downtown. But all around the country (even the club I am in) have members who mainly model the outside of b
  2. More like loppers or chain saw since the vigas need to be 1" for the dollhouse. Actually, havanaholly hit it on the head and that is what I had already suggested to the boss - we simply make the dowels look like tree trunks with a little work. I forgot to mention - my builder is going fishing out west and visiting the Grand Canyon for the month of March. So it will be a while before we have anything new.
  3. We're at Phase 3. Phase 1 was the cardboard version. Phase 2 was start of first floor with some flooring done. Phase 3 (in gallery) shows first floor well on its way. She has most furniture in house, some of it courtesy of Joel Axanroth, some purchased on Etsy, some from China and modified (or not) and some throw pillows she made herself. We soon (by the end of the year(?) hope to have it finished. Definitely, at this rate, many more months. We're making a few compromises to get it done, like going with dowel vigas instead of using real branches but mostly as planned.
  4. As it was created from idea to finish. Step 1.
  5. You are right. When she saw it, she cried. It was so much more than what we expected and the pictures don't do it justice.
  6. Well, the timeline for the dollhouse had a major delay because my fellow RR Club member and expert modeler fell and injured his head. That cost two months of time for us but a lot more for him. But things are back on track. He just temporarily brought over what he has done on the main floor (and I posted pics in the gallery). He hopes to have a major advance in about a month with both floors mostly complete. He'll be starting on the vigas, the stairway and some of the interior work soon. He just got in the zillion terra cotta tiles (see front porch pictures) that we ordered for the kitchen and
  7. We just can't wait. It was (and still is) a 2020 Christmas present for my wife. She still doesn't know what is coming although she knows it will be dollhouse furniture. Missed Christmas and her birthday but it is due in TOMORROW!!!!!! I expect it to look even better than the pictures. Joel has done a magnificent job!
  8. Kitchen. No door to living room on left. Double doors to patio on right (not built yet). Sink will be under window to rear of picture (side of house) with cabinets around it and on left. Refrigerator will be just forward of left cabinets. stove will be on right, past patio door. Southwestern kitchen table will be towards front of picture with hutch to viewer's right. Ceiling light over table and over sink. There will be under-counter lights and outlets.
  9. Living room floor and lower half of interior walls. Some of outlets are installed.Back left will have kiva fireplace and with bancos on partial left wall (front of house) and across back wall (which is the side of the house). Staircase will be on right side near picture front. Walls pre-painted before installation eliminating needing to mask off. Note the custom wood flooring made from random pieces.
  10. Front of main floor under construction demonstrating patio light which will be hardwired. Note wires for interior outlets. Patio outlet not yet done.
  11. Closeup of patio already tiled, front door with side windows and living room with custom made real wood strips.
  12. I had bought three inexpensive 1/12 scale pottery pieces from a Chinese seller on Aliexpress for a few dollars. My wife decided she could make them Native American with a little work. This was the first. The second is finished and the third will soon be.
  13. The decals are a lot thinner and more invisible (but more work) than the clear labels. That's why I chose them instead.
  14. I found dollhouse miniature mugs with names on them at a store in Atlanta but they were just selling what was left since the manufacturer stopped making them and none of the names were what we needed. So I ordered some blank ones from Thailand and used my decals to make my own. I might put a Southwestern picture on the back but we love them as they are. Using Hayes Clear Water-slide Decal Paper and word-processing software, I just printed them on inkjet printer, sprayed with matte acrylic 3 times, cut them out and put them on the mugs. I only used a small corner of the sheet of paper so I can
  15. Oops! We recently rewatched the whole series on Acorn streaming. I did not know he had written it. I was a Rumpole but my wife is not a Hilda Rumpole by any means except in the fact that she is a wonderful cook and a loyal partner. Like him, I served in the military. Like him, I never dress up. Like him, I never moved up in management because I was always the rebel fighting windmills. Like him, I ate too much later in life and show it. But I don't drink or smoke and recognized early that I wanted to retire and did it. When looking up John Mortimer, I didn't read far enough to see that he
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