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  1. Hello there, Has anyone ever found a 12 volt round wire plug in Christmas tree. I can only find battery operated and I'd prefer that it could just be plugged in. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hello there everyone. I am making a room box and it is my first one. My initial thought is that I'd like to just stick to round wire since it's just a box and all the lights are going to the back of the box but I'll have about 5 lights to plug in, so I was going to buy a factory direct power strip. But then I see you need a transformer and I'm really not sure which of those I should get. I don't really know anything about wattage and volts. Can anyone explain to me what i'd need. Preferable with the factory direct options because they're having a 15% off sale tomorrow Thank you for your
  3. WOW! these are gorgeous! You don't sell your work do you?
  4. Hello everyone! Miniature lover here! I've grown up reading the Borrowers, Littles, and watching The Secret Life of Arrietty (if you haven't read.watched them yet, you definitely should check them out)! Anyway I'm on a quest to build a miniature 1:12th scale hobbit house which i plan to have fully lit inside with sconces and a flickering fireplace. My ultimate goal is to have it along the pathway outside my house so that the children of the neighborhood could peak inside and enjoy. I hope to decorate it for each holiday, halloween, christmas, easter etc. I want to put mniture letters inside th
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