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  1. Wait...how do i know if it's RGT or Lilliput or Wallmer? This thing is pretty darned solid. How can I tell?
  2. Love the colors! I've got one that's white with black trim and unfinished shingles (something I'm definitely going to change). Mine has a staircase that goes up to the 3rd floor. I love that yours has no stairs. They take up so much room! Would it be strange to take them out of the 2nd floor? I'd love to see the progress on yours.
  3. Oh gosh....I see now that it is Lilliput. Can I stay anyway?
  4. I have the Apple Blossom. I bought it assembled (and they did a lovely job) from someone who said it had been sitting unused in their basement for years. She gave me a few pieces of furniture as well. $30. Drove 2 hours to pick it up - I smiled all the way home.
  5. Hi - I'm Jill and I live in Maryland. I've had a Greenleaf dollhouse sitting near me, assembled, that I bought on FB Marketplace a couple of years ago. I also bought a RGT dollhouse, but my 3 year old granddaughter was so taken by it that it went home with her - I knew I didn't have time for both and she loves it, bare as it is. I've been gathering things to use in the dollhouse, I've put down a floor in the kitchen and have some chenelle (sp?) fabric I have cut to fit another room as carpeting. I've picked up a couple of wallpapers, but I'm at a standstill, and have been for months. I
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