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  1. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Madeline and I will start an album to show our progress if I can figure it out!
  2. Yes, what a great idea! I hadn’t thought of this!
  3. Hi everyone! I am so excited to be here and have been really enjoying this project. Let’s see, where to start, we live in Kansas. My daughter is technically 6-1/2 but I swear she’s an old soul and loves all things Victorian. Sometimes we just drive all around the older neighborhoods where we live to look at houses and dream of living in one. So a couple of years ago we got her the Lily for Christmas with the idea it would be my project for her (and also a nice project during my pregnancy at the time). Well, not to get into too much detail but I had some hospitalizations and bed rest so it didn
  4. @jdodyd thank you for acknowledging that you’ve had the same issue. I was nervous to ask a question that may be considered a no-brainer, as someone building my first house! In terms of the trim, I was planning to use all white painted moldings throughout the house to match how I’ve done the windows. Is this a “no no” in the miniatures world since the stairs and front doors are stained?
  5. @fov yes, it’s bugging me too! I am thinking maybe we shouldn’t have gone with such a different wallpaper for the second floor room so I could’ve used a single paper to Doan both floors in that stair wall. Here’s a view of what will be the library with the stairs coming up. It’s not a super huge area compared to the room perimeter as a whole.
  6. Okay, thank you! There will be a tiny bit of space that is basically the height of the floorboard if that makes sense? But I’m thinking if I use white boards for both crown molding in foyer and baseboard of library then just a very thin strip would be bare and it’s primed white anyway.
  7. I forgot to post a photo (see below). If you zoom in you can see the gap between wallpapers where first floor transitions to second.
  8. Hi, I am a newbie, building my first ever dollhouse for my daughter and she loves all things Victorian! She has chosen a different wallpaper for each room of the Lily model and we have it all up. I’m wondering about some clean ways to separate the two different wallpapers in the area going up the main stairs where the foyer transitions to the second floor room. Are there some moldings or trims used for this sort of thing? Thanks!
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