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  1. I'm in love with the blue curtains in the bedroom!
  2. I love all of the colors and patterns! That green is so pretty! And the people are perfect!
  3. Hi Holly! Ohhh, I'm going to check out your albums shortly! I don't remember seeing these ones before! I've bought a bunch of 1:24 furniture already, some of it looks more dainty than others but so far I think I've got some good things to work with! I've had more trouble finding small decorative items and lights/lamps, I have found a bunch but there is not as good a selection as the 1:12. I bought a couple of vintage "frozen charlotte" bisque dolls that are 2.5 inches tall; their legs don't bend but they seem to be a good size Can't wait to check out your furniture and little people! I
  4. Hi Everyone! I'm in the process of building my first dollhouse after many years! (my sister and I built one many years back when we were in high school, we think it was the Pierce, but it was never finished in any detail and we had passed it along to some younger family members after a few years). Our Grandmother had a doll and dollhouse hobby in which she had a whole room dedicated to their display, and that is how I came to love dollhouses! Now that both my boys are in college, I decided why not see what I can do I chose the half scale Fairfield which I absolutely adore! I've been obsessed
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