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  1. Thanks to all.....pulled and tugged and slightly splintered the top of the edge....edge of the hole for the door to fit in but I’m planning to replace it with a pre put together door with trim....I think that will work!
  2. Great Job! Those look amazing.
  3. Thank you all for the answers....silly me....after googling for days I completely understand the scale thing and all my questions have been answered! Except for one.....I purchased a put together staircase from Hobby Lobby for a 1:12 scale house with a bannister and it is too long. No matter how I position on both the first and second floor it is one step too long. I suppose the only solution is to cut it off. I hate to do that....has anyone else had to shorten steps....can not find an answer inline. Thanks.
  4. I purchased a put together Alexandria dollhouse so all I have to do is repaint the exterior and paint the interior and DECORATE! My questions is I would like to remove the front door. It opens and closes on a tiny pin but is in really bad shape. There is not any space to get some small snippets in there to snip the pin. Any ideas on how to remove the door. Thank you for any advice.
  5. I just bought a put together Alexandria dollhouse and am a bit stuck on what size furniture. I have not done this before but was curious about the furniture size. Does it take 1:1 and what does that mean. One inch to 1 foot? Also I won’t be able to electrify it....to difficult for me so any suggestions on small battery lights and where to buy them? Thank you. I am so excited. My mom passed away four years ago and having a dollhouse was a dream we shared but never did so here I go!
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