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  1. I’m thinking about getting a kit to start with. That seems to be the first thing most people recommend for people who want to make them from scratch. It’s important to understand how they go together. I have zero real life woodworking skills and I’m learning as I go. I watched a video on YouTube about using a dollhouse to learn framing. The instructor said it’s the exact same, just smaller.
  2. Hi there! I am very new to the miniature world. I have always adored dollhouses, however, I don’t own one yet because I know how heartbroken I would be if a kiddo or a pet damaged it in some way. Recently, my 10 year old daughter decided we should build miniature boats for her snail friends. I wanted to build something better than just a simple “Huck Finn” type raft, so I got online and found a how to for a simple boat and the build, which should have taken an hour or so, has become over a week of fabricating parts, deciding that the original design was garbage and starting over, and comp
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