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  1. Thanks everyone for the sweet welcome I appreciate it!
  2. Oh I really have the bug I think it might be fatal! I have done a ton of searching on the web and it is just so hard to find because it is discontinued. I have thought about a conservatory or something similar I was just hoping to go more of the symmetrical style since federal architecture traditionally is a very symmetrical silhouette. I might just mash up some styles and call it an updated renovation.
  3. I kinda am going through the same thing, except it was a 10 year hiatus. I myself are into the 16" fashion dolls also, especially the SISTERS dolls and Marina Bychkova, although I could never afford them they are so crazy expensive. But I do collect monster high dolls in the hopes of redoing them.
  4. I am more than a little obsessed, it was definitely an understatement. I would seriously quit my day job if I could and just make minis the rest of my life. Life goal is to build my dream dollhouse design from scratch, so this is definitely the first steps to a long love affair!
  5. Hello everyone I am a long time miniature appreciator and finally just started my first dollhouse build. It is a Hofco Federal Victorian with one addition (looking for another one!) that I was able to get, some of the parts are missing but I am re-cutting them out of scrap wood. I have been making dollhouse miniature food and such on and off for a few years but I am ready to finally get serious about it and wanted a "display/show house" to have and really take that dollhouse obsession leap into madness or maybe bliss? Both? LOL I have finished priming, sanding and I have assembled one addition to the house to (and to my dismay apparently put it together as a left addition and it is a right addition so dealing with that at the moment) and am about to embark on the main house. Having to do a little bashing which I am not super prepared for but I am missing some pieces and just kind of winging it unfortunately but I'm a total newb so I was expecting to make some major errors...cough...learning experiences. Any advice or tips are greatly appreciated! Looking forward to finally being active on here instead of just being a voyer.
  6. Hi everyone! My name is Jasmine and I am new to dollhouse building! I have made dollhouse miniatures, mainly food in the past but I am finally going for my first build. I was able to get a HOFCO Federal Victorian dollhouse kit mostly in tact with one addition but am trying to find another addition so that it stays symmetrical, preferably a LEFT side one but at this point I will take a right side and mod it if I have to. It seems like Real Good Toys also made a version similar and called it a mansard addition which I think would also work. Figured this might be the place to search in case any of you have one laying around that you are willing to part with! Thank you so much I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this!
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