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  1. Ok, I’ll keep the columns in mind. Thanks so much for the advice, everyone!
  2. Yes, Elsbeth, that is exactly what I meant. Sounds like the upstairs floor will still be sturdy so I think I’ll try it. I’m thinking I can put in a kitchen island with stools or a long dining table where the wall would have been. Mine will definitely be a “modern” Tudor on the inside. If anyone has removed the downstairs interior wall in the Glencroft, I’d love to hear from you. Thanks everyone!
  3. I am about to start assembling my Glencroft kit. I was wondering if I could remove the downstairs interior wall (cut it off from the upstairs interior wall), to create an open plan downstairs. I’d really like more room for the kitchen and eating area. If I did this, would the second floor still be structurally stable?
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