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  1. I bought the Garfield with most already build. There’s some doors & steps missing. I’ll figure it out just wanting to see better pictures if anyone has done it to see! Thank you!
  2. I just bought the Garfield which was thankfully “almost” fully constructed. There’s still all the trim & windows. There’s gaps I was wondering what kind of fuller to use? Also trying to paint & lay flooring in the tight corners will be difficult. The seller said a friend started a few years ago so the glue is pretty solid. Anyone successful at separating walls without damage? I’d love to see those that have build ones profess! This is my “dream” dollhouse & im going to take my time & go slow!
  3. Thank you! Yes the windows are confusing! Then it doesn’t really tell you interior or exterior. I did see a very helpful link on here for the windows that I already glued on the casings & put some on the house already!! This house is given me anxiety!!
  4. I’m having the hardest with the instructions!! Would it be easier to build out the frame first??? Maybe I’m overthinking but it’s just confusing!! Who can help me!?
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