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  1. Hi all! Happy to be here. I’m starting my bungalow renovation with removing the old roof shingles. They were super dusty and loose and many had fallen off. They are mostly coming off easily, though some have needed encouragement, but they have left begins glue residue. It look to b mostly woo glue but a couple tiny spot look like it may be hot glue as well. I’m planning to either just paint the roof, or use asphalt shingles or the big sheets that look like metal roofs. Do I need to remove all the glue residue first? Is the best way to do that with a sander? Thanks!
  2. Hi all! I was a very avid miniaturist about 30 years ago as a young person. Over time I lost interest, and though my mom kept my dollhouses for me for a long time, when she moved into an assisted living she gave them away (I lived very far at the time). For the last couple weeks I’ve been thinking about getting back into the hobby, and then up popped a beautiful Real Good Toys bungalow in my neighborhood free group! I will have lots of questions as I work on renovating it. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
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