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  1. Hello, Deb, I realize it's been 13 years since you completed The Magnolia, however, I did have a question. It looks like you plced the windows into the walls before putting the structure together. My questions are: 1) Did you do a 'dryfit' of the house first? 2)After the dryfit, did you complete the windows and install? 3)After windows installed, you began putting the house together with glue? Deb, I'm so new at this and have had my house pieces just sitting in their box. I've labeled everything and made sure we have everything. But this is a daunting task for me. I've
  2. Thank you @havanaholly! I've finally accepted the fact that this house may NOT be finished by Christmas and to realize this is going to take a lot of time! A bench vise...that sounds promising. Do you use anything for your hands while sanding? I found this action is fine while I'm doing it but when done, the pain and inllammation are screaming at me. If you don't mind sharing the aids you use, I'd really appreciat it. Thanks!
  3. Hi JNMNINI, No ma'am this isn't restricted to RA..I also have Fibro and a list of health issues that would choke a horse. A vice grip would help? I need to check into that also. That's what I'm hoping for...more people to come forward with ways they handle RA, FIbro, Etc. whether with an instrument/object or by themselves! Thank you for sharing! Carolyn
  4. I haven't 'been able to work on my dollhouse for the last week or two and getting itchy! But the issue is I've been in an RA flare for the past two weeks and my doc put me on some medication last night in the hopes it will take affect. I was curious to hear how others with RA work with their miniatures. Do you have any tips, advice, or suggestions? Thanks for your time! Carolyn Robinson
  5. I apologize if I said something inappropriate to you. I've been in a flare for almost a week and don't realize how my voice tone is received...especially, through writing. You have gone above and beyond answering my questions and providing an outline to dollhouse building! Now I can "see" the process. I know how difficult it can be to explain a process, especially, to a beginner. (As a line dance instructor I eventually learned how to teach dance steps to people who literally had two left feet! However, their desire to dance was enormous and they refused to give up as long as I kept
  6. Thank you! I have The Magnolia and I have printed your blog on building The Magnolia. So, my next step is the dry fit, masking tape the areas you mentioned...if it fits together, do take it apart again and glue the pieces together? Or do you sand, then prime? I apologize for being so "beginner." I've been in RA flare for the past week and every moment I work on this house has to be essential. Redoing things over and over again are going to make me quit. I know how I am and just trying to get a clear understanding of the "system." Thanks so much, Carolyn
  7. Is there a blog available for Beginners (and I mean Beginners who have NEVER been exposed to dollhouse building or built a dollhouse)? Just some basic steps on how to start--which is terrifying once you open that box, the pros and cons of sanding first or priming first, and how to keep this fun!!! I've taken all the pieces apart, labeled them, and put together by the Sheet #. Was this the right start? Should I have done something differently? I'n thinking about doing a blog on my own experience, which may help the next builder! Thank you once again for your help, fellow dollho
  8. Do you make custom orders?
  9. Beautiful! You captured the beauty and serenity of the Blue Ridge!!@ Thank you so much for sharing!!!
  10. Hi Steph! I'm very new and look forward to your pics as you start your project!
  11. Thank you! So if you were planning to decorate to your tastes, do you paint before assembly?
  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help!!! In a matter of minutes I've learned so much from all of you! If you think of other tips that would help a beginner...I would greatly appreciate it and will share! I'm working on the Magnolia kit...and am promptly putting the windows away and moving to the next step!!! Have a beautiful day!!!
  13. Thank you!! I really wish asking these questions HERE had been my first step! We live outside of Savannah but I'm really missing the NC mountains. Thanks again for your help!!!
  14. I wish I had come on here FIRST!! Setting my windows aside and moving on!!! Thank you so much!
  15. Thank you!!! I figured it out but there are additional pieces that I have no clue what to do with and they aren't labeled on the illustration sheet. I'll post a pic today. I'm working on Magnolia kit.
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