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  1. Thank you havanaholly and kathieB
  2. Hi everyone, I have been busy building the Beacon Hill dollhouse. This is my first build. I have a question regarding paint for the inside and outside of the beacon Hill. I bought Benjamin Moore eggshell finish paint that I have been using on the inside of the house. My question is someone bought me Benjamin Moore paint for one of the rooms inside the house and for the outside of the house with a pearl finish and I was wondering if an eggshell finish is better especially for the outside of the house. Ant thoughts? Thank you all in advance.
  3. Thank you Mid- life madness. I will check those out.
  4. Hi havanaholly: Yes it is. The problem is I slide in the 3rd floor beginning with the right wall working my way to the left as they said but as I slide the third floor into the right petition wall slot and push it back to the third floor wall slots it goes back but when I push it into the third floor slots of right wall the back comes forward. If that makes sense. I use the mallet to tap it in but everytime I go to close the third floor slots of the right wall it comes out of back slots so it is not flush with the back write petition wall slots. I thought if I glued part of it at a ti
  5. Hi everyone:. I am working on the Beacon Hill Dollhouse and I am adding the third floor. I followed instructions beginning with right wall working my way to the left wall. For 3 days I have been trying to get it right. Everytime I put the tabs in slots for - bathroom ceiling - 3rd floor slots on the back and side I have a problem. If I put the back slots in and then line up the side slots the back comes forward and is not flush against the wall. I am starting to think I should cut off some of the tabs. Any suggestions?
  6. Hi everyone: Well for a few days I was trying to send a picture of the foundation because I wasn't sure the bottom support was exactly straight. It kept saying File was too big. So I gave up on sending the picture. I decided to take off the bottom support and try again. It only took a little blow drying to remove back support. It felt like it was on pretty tight but I guess it was not. The second time I glued it on I used the Aileen's tacky glue -which I used before - but I also used gorilla glue. I wasn't sure about mixing two glues together but it did form a very strong bond the o
  7. Thank you everyone. This was very helpful.
  8. Hi everyone: I am working on Beacon Hill dollhouse. My first ever dollhouse. There is a part of instructions I do not understand. It says: Interlock long slot in Right Wall with long slot in Second Floor until tabs on front edge of of right wall align with notches in edge of Front Wall/Right. I did that. However it says : GLUE just the section of this joint between First and Second floor(5). Nowhere else. I don't understand this part? Can anyone help? Thank you.
  9. Can someone tell me how to attach an image?
  10. Well it's me again..the newbie builder. I had a question regarding the foundation. I glued the foundation back on..actually I glued it a few times - took apart the ends a few times to make sure it is glued properly, the slits at the ends were not glued down properly. - hopefully this last time will do it. Anyway, I glued down the bottom support and was very happy because it seems nice and tight. Now I am looking at it and not sure it is exactly straight. I have included pictures. Does this look ok? Thanks in advance.
  11. Thank you Mid-life madness and havanaholly for all of the info and support!
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