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  1. Thank you Mid- life madness. I will check those out.
  2. Hi havanaholly: Yes it is. The problem is I slide in the 3rd floor beginning with the right wall working my way to the left as they said but as I slide the third floor into the right petition wall slot and push it back to the third floor wall slots it goes back but when I push it into the third floor slots of right wall the back comes forward. If that makes sense. I use the mallet to tap it in but everytime I go to close the third floor slots of the right wall it comes out of back slots so it is not flush with the back write petition wall slots. I thought if I glued part of it at a ti
  3. Hi everyone:. I am working on the Beacon Hill Dollhouse and I am adding the third floor. I followed instructions beginning with right wall working my way to the left wall. For 3 days I have been trying to get it right. Everytime I put the tabs in slots for - bathroom ceiling - 3rd floor slots on the back and side I have a problem. If I put the back slots in and then line up the side slots the back comes forward and is not flush against the wall. I am starting to think I should cut off some of the tabs. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi everyone: Well for a few days I was trying to send a picture of the foundation because I wasn't sure the bottom support was exactly straight. It kept saying File was too big. So I gave up on sending the picture. I decided to take off the bottom support and try again. It only took a little blow drying to remove back support. It felt like it was on pretty tight but I guess it was not. The second time I glued it on I used the Aileen's tacky glue -which I used before - but I also used gorilla glue. I wasn't sure about mixing two glues together but it did form a very strong bond the o
  5. Thank you everyone. This was very helpful.
  6. Hi everyone: I am working on Beacon Hill dollhouse. My first ever dollhouse. There is a part of instructions I do not understand. It says: Interlock long slot in Right Wall with long slot in Second Floor until tabs on front edge of of right wall align with notches in edge of Front Wall/Right. I did that. However it says : GLUE just the section of this joint between First and Second floor(5). Nowhere else. I don't understand this part? Can anyone help? Thank you.
  7. Can someone tell me how to attach an image?
  8. Well it's me again..the newbie builder. I had a question regarding the foundation. I glued the foundation back on..actually I glued it a few times - took apart the ends a few times to make sure it is glued properly, the slits at the ends were not glued down properly. - hopefully this last time will do it. Anyway, I glued down the bottom support and was very happy because it seems nice and tight. Now I am looking at it and not sure it is exactly straight. I have included pictures. Does this look ok? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thank you Mid-life madness and havanaholly for all of the info and support!
  10. Thank you so much. I am using Aleene's tacky glue. I hope that is ok. Maybe I should buy one of the glues you suggested. The stapler sounds like a good idea too. The other problem I am worried about is trying to lift everything up to glue it. I had such a hard time interlocking the long slide in the second floor at the stair opening with the long slot in the right petition wall. After a number of tries it finally worked. thank you again for the reply I am new to the blog. I was not even sure how to use it..
  11. I have just started building the Beacon Hill dollhouse. I have never built a dollhouse before. I am doing the second sub-assembly. I am dry fitting pieces. I am trying to get tabs into slots- not easy My question is, in addition to gluing tabs into slots- should I run glue along wall that meets other wall to slots? I hope that makes sense. Thank you.
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