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  1. tranfl

    Half scale bed

    That is one fabulous bed!
  2. Wonderful! Your skellies look so pleased with their house.
  3. Keystone, from 1949, maybe: https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/vintage-1949-keystone-boston-masonite-472564594
  4. This is probably my favorite room! Quite liking that arch at the head of the bed -- and that bed. And Sir's clock in the right-hand foreground -- I wonder where he might have salvaged that from . . .
  5. Beautiful! You've inspired me to try to find my punch needle.
  6. tranfl


    I like how worked that Schopper stove in. I have that same stove, but it'll be a while until it's usable -- I got mine from someone who broke off all the knobs, handles, feet, and stovepipe.
  7. You must have the nicest junk pile . . .
  8. Super-cute house! You did such a nice job on everything.
  9. Those are lovely! Who'd have thought scraps could be made to look so nice?
  10. Ooh, that does look like a Keystone, and just like this blue-roofed one from the mid-1940s: https://my-vintage-dollhouses.blogspot.com/2017/07/my-37th-keystone-of-boston-dollhouse.html As for its value, if I had a Keystone, it would be priceless since I would never ever sell it ;-) Is it in good condition inside? Looks good on the outside.
  11. Can't get to it for photos, but I can tell you what's happened to the barn -- bars on the windows are gone, as are the sliding doors on the front (to give better access); paint-stirrers have been glued down for new upstairs flooring and ship-lap style room dividers; furniture is mostly from Barbie and Madeline sets, since they're the closest to the right scale.
  12. I'd have been embarrassed to show it. Started taking it apart last night to try again. Thank you for the suggestion on method.
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