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  1. Carrie, that door is *gorgeous!* I've just followed your link and ordered some of the lead tape. Would a rotary cutter and ruler be the best for cutting it? If it gets too complicated for me I may do part of it with the drafting tape and silver marker, too. That website had some genuine slate tiles for the roof. I'm seriously tempted.... Mary, the 550's foundation has the brickwork that you make by sticking a grid to the painted foundation and then spreading the brick dust and glue mixture on it, then pulling the grid off. Not sure how sticky the grid is after all these years (the instructions are copyright 1984, I think) so I may have to put some spray glue or something on it first, but it still sounds easier than building a lattice out of poor quality wood! Your greens-and-brown paint dabbing sounds like a wonderful project for you and your niece and nephew to do together. At one point you wrote sparkle instead of spackle, and it made me think of these little tiny jewel stick-ons that are intended for fingernails - I bought some of them at some point just because they were so pretty. Wouldn't one of your rooms look magical with jewels scattered on the walls? Found a lovely Valspar paint color called, appropriately, "Chocolate Bonbon." And some pale yellow that looks like white chocolate. I also found a beautiful pale pink and pale green, but they were out of sample-sized paint cans and I wan't going to buy an entire quart of either one of them! My kit came with a VHS tape. I need to connect my VHS player and watch it and see what the company that made the kit thinks I should know.
  2. I've been gathering materials and hoping to clear a spot on my table to start gluing my walls - and planning colors. Have any of you read the Betsy-Tacy books? When the third friend, Tib, moves to Deep Valley, she lives in a chocolate-colored house. I was thinking a rich chocolate brown with very pale pink and green (or maybe blue) trim. Like a chocolate Easter egg decorated with frosting. Or dark chocolate with milk and white chocolate trim. Or maybe a combination. I also thought that it would look better with slate roof tiles, if I'm feeling energetic enough to paint some shingles to look like slate.
  3. My hands are a bit wobbly, too, so I think I'll take a look at the lead tape. I'd never heard of it before, so thank you for telling me about it. And I just had a thought: gimp, that stuff you use to make lanyards. It's got some dimension to it...
  4. That's a good idea. I also wondered if my brother could do something with his 3D printer. Maybe even in black so it looks like stained glass leading. I've been reading through the directions, and realized that mine is 555, not 550. I hadn't known there were two different San Franciscan houses. (Or three, now that I've looked). So I've posted in the wrong place. Oh, dear!
  5. One thing that usually bothers me about dollhouses is the windows. The white painted lines that are supposed to represent wood holding each pane of glass never look right because they're flat and level with the "glass." Does anybody know of a method to make them stand up - a particular kind of paint or putty or something to put over the painted lines?
  6. The tips are sounding great. Thank you! I kind of like the idea of leaving the tower roof unattached (or maybe making some sort of hinge or hook arrangement). I don't see how you can actually reach through to get anything into the top floor of it from the back. I have pudgy hands. Oh, before I forget - anybody got a source for the wand that you wave at your finished project that turns it two-dimensional so you can just slip it against the wall to store it in your already way too overcrowded house? ; ) I'll go look at the photo albums. I'll bet they all look amazing!
  7. I just got a San Franciscan kit (at an auction for $10) and am looking at it and feeling daunted. Do you have maybe a few tips you think I need to know when I start it, to keep from going crazy or messing it up? Not the tips that are in the instructions, but things that you discovered as you worked on yours. I was looking around online to find out what I could about the kit and came across this website, which looks wonderful. My first dollhouse (sounds so impressive, but I've done only 2) was a Greenleaf: the Jefferson. I bought it at Williamsburg, and you should've seen me hauling it to the airport and getting it on the plane; fortunately it was back when you were allowed more than a pound and a half of luggage without paying extra.
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