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  1. Inge, A big 'ol THANK YOU! I have a feeling the both websites you referenced are going to be extremely helpful. Again, thank you . . . Stay safe!
  2. Thanks again, folks . . . I finally found a photo in the Gallery that helps clarify the instructions. The original instructions stated, "Glue a corner post to each end of the third floor railing . . . " If the instructions would have said, "Glue a corner post to each side of each end of the third floor railing . . . " , it would have made a lot more sense for this feeble brain of mine . . . (See photo.) Something tells me this will not be the first time using this forum . . . Y'all stay safe! Jeff
  3. Thanks folks . . . . . In my youth, I loved models (cars, ships, planes, etc.); and now that I'm older (much older), I thought I would "tackle" The Beacon Hill for my granddaughter. Oye Vey . . . the instructions are no where near as clear as the ones that accompanied the model kits in my youth . . . Y'all stay safe! Thanks again . . .
  4. First time doll house builder . . . I am incredibly confused by the instructions for the Beacon Hill "Second Floor Staircase" (Section D), steps 12-14. Exactly where and how do I glue the corner posts to the second floor railings and the third floor railings? I've been studying the instructions and looking at a variety of completed Beacon Hills on the web for the past couple of days and "playing around" with placing the posts in variety of positions (without gluing anything) and I'm still at a loss . . . . . Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Much obliged. Y'all stay safe!
  5. Jenny, My Beacon Hill came with a Sheet 12 and a Sheet 12 B - not a single Sheet 12 as depicted in the schematics . . . I hope that helps . . .
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