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  1. I received this one as a gift, and I enjoyed every second of putting it together... EXCEPT the little hanging light! Whew, it was not easy. Lots of little metal pieces to bend into some semblance of a light fixture Mine definitely came out a bit "wonky", but overall it is so cute and it led to my recent renewed interest in miniatures! I'm not an expert, but the scale is pretty hard to determine. The shelving seemed 1:12, but the chair and ladder felt smaller, although not as small as 1:24. Very hard to say, but it looks great on my bookshelves, even when the misshapen light is turned on
  2. Hi Janet! Welcome :-) I'm new here, too! Good luck with the houses! Having a "trial and error" house is such a good idea! -Lindsay
  3. Hi everyone! Thank you for your responses... it's so neat to hear people's stories! I already recognize all three of you from reading through some of the conversations on the Forum! I'm excited to be here and looking forward to what I have to learn from everyone :-)
  4. Hi, Everyone! I am new to the Greenleaf Forum. I live in Fairfield County, CT. I have loved tiny things since I was a child and from about age 9 into my teens I loved decorating my childhood dollhouse (a four-room tin house with an "addition" of 8 rooms thanks to two liquor store boxes, haha) and making mini things for it. I really didn't pack the house away until I went to college, but then for about ten years I didn't think much about miniatures. Then I found a dollhouse kit at Goodwill and put that together and decorated it sort of on a whim. Ten MORE years went by, and my mom sent me
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