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  1. Hi Everyone, I need a little help with the Orchid's double hung windows and staining/paint the surrounding walls. Sorry if a simliar question has been asked before, but I could not find an previous blog post. For part B of assembly, the directions say that the "portion of the wood surrounding the window opening, both interior and exterior, should be finsihed as the sashes have been (i.e. paint or stain) before gluing the sashes in place." (I stained my window sashes a dark brown, but I plan to paint the exterior a light blue. For the interior I want to do stucco.) So my que
  2. Hello! I am about to start on the Orchid. I'm considering staining all the casing, door, trim and double hung sashes the same dark brown. Then I would pain the exterior walls a light-ish blue. Would the combination of paint and wood stain look weird? I've never assembled a Greenleaf before. (I had a log cabin Greenleaf as a kid.)
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