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  1. This is my second miniature project and I decided to go with half scale due to space and the extra challenge. I am creating this with the Taft General store as the basis, and making it my own. This is the side of the building with the entrance to the quilt shop. I created the brickwork with styrofoam plates and the Coca Cola sign by printing onto a dryer sheet and then decoupaging over the bricks.
  2. SuzyMyers


    This is a wonderful idea. I'm thinking about trying my hand at it for my general store ceiling.
  3. SuzyMyers


    Beautiful job. Thank you for sharing the process!
  4. Amazing details! I'm working in half scale and it is a challenge to create such detail. Can't imagine the challenge of 1/4 scale! Love it!
  5. SuzyMyers

    miniature diy8

    I taped it to a regular sheet of printer paper.
  6. Love these!! I just wish they offered them in half scale. You did a fabulous job.
  7. Nice set up on your new blog! Thank you for sharing the link! suzy
  8. My name is Suzy. I am a quilt designer, blogger, and crafter. My husband and I live and work on a farm in New York. I've always loved miniatures and finally, I have a little room available to create a few of them. I have started with the Taft General Store in half scale. I have a huge thing about detail, so I'm not sure if it will ever be entirely complete in my eyes, but I'm having so much fun making it my own.
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