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    This is one of the most beautiful Victoria's Farmhouses I've ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous, and I refer to it often for inspiration.
  2. Yes I'm thinking that might be the best way to go. The lattice hasn't arrived yet. I was hoping I could use the dark green paint I already have, but black may turn out to be the best option.
  3. This is a large and heavy house. Right now I am working on it on top of an old coffee table, but it is too low to the ground. Where did you find a large enough and sturdy enough table to display your house?
  4. I am using the Provence Creme/Hunter Green scheme shown on the RGT website (actually chose Forest Green as the green), but I painted the foundation white instead. I've decided to put porch lattice around the foundation of my Victoria's Farmhouse. Now that I will be putting white lattice over the foundation, a darker color would work better on the foundation. Do you think the dark green could work underneath the white lattice, or would a dark gray or black look better?
  5. I had hoped to lay them down in a diamond pattern but that means a lot of cutting--I will try both methods and see how it goes. Thank you!
  6. Oh that sounds good--spackle should work as long as I am able to make it the color I want. I read someone said they mixed acrylic paint with white vinyl spackle, so I could try that. Thank you!
  7. I think that's the best option. I have sanded grout in the color I want (from when my kitchen floor was installed), but I'm going to look for a pre-mixed grout that is not sanded. Thank you!
  8. The number for Mini Magic in West Hempstead is out of service, but the folks at Miniature Designs, where I purchased the Onyx tiles, told me they are already varnished, so I could go ahead and grout them as usual, which I've never even done before, so should be interesting!
  9. For anyone struggling to cut MDF, I found this tutorial about "clearing cuts", cuts made to remove ribbons of material at the cutting edge so that your saw or knife won't keep getting "stuck" as you are cutting: https://dollhouseworkshop.net/RGT/Blogs/Cutouts/UtilityKnifeCutout.html
  10. I plan to put Mini Magic Onyx tiles into the kitchen of my Victoria's Farmhouse. They are made of mica. What have you used for spacers? Did you glue the tiles down and then apply grout? Do I need to apply polyacrylic to these tiles before grouting? (would the grout scratch the mica? Can these mica tiles be cut with the EZ Cutter tool? Thanks!
  11. I also just realized I also didn't leave bare MDF around the doors and windows for trim and shutters, but every other documented Victoria's Farmhouse construction I have seen have also completely painted the clapboard. Before I try sanding all of these spots, is there any glue that will adhere to paint? Would Quick Grip work on a painted surface?
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