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  1. Thank You All for responding to my first post... It was so fun to find them this morning. I can't wait to receive the Fairfield kit. I am planning my supplies this morning.
  2. Hello I'm Jill from Osage Beach, Missouri, originally from Omaha, Nebraska. I have been looking at these dollhouses for more than ten years. I originally wanted the Garfield, but it is so big. Maybe I'll do it as my next house? So I saw the Lily, love it, but it is also so big. I decided to make my first house a half scale and I just fell in LOVE with the Fairfield. I am a perfectionist by nature and I hope it doesn’t drive me crazy trying to get it right. I love the “Don’t panic!” in the warm-up syllabus. So I am just going to take my time and enjoy it as intended. I look forwar
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