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  1. Thanks Holly! You are always quick to rescue.
  2. I just purchased this kit on facebook but it is missing the instructions. Does anybody have their instructions that they can share? Much thx
  3. Carrie, thank you so much for this. The side view from Pat's quilter's cottage really helped clarify the roof structure for me.
  4. No, I can't blame it on that. I thing I just don't have the roof support structure assembled the right way. The picture on the box and the instructions is only one view and its not very helpful in lining up the support pieces the right way.
  5. Has anyone completed the houseworks conservatory? I'm having trouble dry fitting the roof support and would love to see some close up pictures of a completed roof so I can see where I am going wrong. The instructions are less then clear. Thx.
  6. Ha!, LMAO! You know it seems like I still haven't learned to plan plan ahead. I decided to put in a fold down attic stair on my third floor to access the roof AFTER I finished construction and it was so much harder to cut out the opening because of the tight space in the hallway. Spent the better part of a day yesterday using every cutting tool I had in the toolbox to get it done. But finally done, so Yea! Now my little people family can get to the roof without scaling the exterior of the house Spiderman style. And now, time to install the working doorbell, which also would have been easier
  7. DUH, my apologies, yes, of course it was the Garfield. Sigh, so much work lost. But a lesson learned. I hope whoever has it now is getting some pleasure out of it.
  8. I don't know if this has happened to anyone else, but when I built my first dollhouse, 27 years ago, it was a form of stress relief when I was going through a difficult time. So, I needed a project as a distraction. I saw the Greenleaf McKinley in a toy store window and fell in love and promptly brought it home and started to work on it for months. A year later, when it was finished, I was moving houses, and found that I couldn't get the monster mansion out of the doorway, no matter which way I tried. I ended up leaving it behind as a donation to the new homeowner. Now, I always measure the do
  9. I cheated and used a ready made simulated brass fan so I must not have your patience. The fan was a really good price so it was worth it. But a similar idea for the motor.
  10. I have been working on making a DIY rotating ceiling fan and I am thrilled that it actually works. Wish I could post a video here, but file is too large. For anyone that is interested I used a battery operated mobile spinner and attached a ready made ceiling fan (non working) to the base with tiny magnets. I drilled a hole through the porch roof to push the spindle of the spinner through and then attached the fan. The spinner even has a tiny remote. The porch now looks even more inviting. I love that rush when you have an idea and it comes to life.
  11. I went to a great custom hardware store near me and I think I now have the right size piano hinge. And will mount to flat of walls like you suggest. Fingers crossed. Thanks for all the advice fellow little people.
  12. Thx. Good to know someone else shares my pain. Frustrating when you follow instructions and it still doesnt work.
  13. Do you mean attaching piano hinge to interior? That’s what i want to do, just need to confirm width. Do you need to multiply width of wall by two get right width? I am attaching pics to make more clear what the issue is. They are rotates for some reason but the first pic is of the corner shop with a loose front panel wall and the second is the RGT townhouse with a gap when closed.
  14. Thanks for your help. For clarification, the "gap" problem is with my RGT east side townhouse, which doesn't have a piano hinge, but has the two butt hinges installed that came with the kit. I think all RGT are 3/8 inch. But I also have to hinge my Dollhouse Emporium corner shop, which has a removable front panel. This kit has 1/4 inch MDF. So I would like some advice on what width piano hinge to use for both. I will take some pictures to make it more clear.
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