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    Thank you, everyone, for replying. I'm so sorry for the bad experiences you have had. I have just joined NAME and their Facebook page. There is no local chapter near my home but they said I could start one and have been really supportive. I'm not particularly interested in their events but would very much like to connect in person with other miniature enthusiasts. If I can get 5 interested people for a club in Tacoma, WA, I can start the local club. If I do, everyone will be made to feel welcome! If any of you are interested, please let me know. I noticed that one group is still meeting - outdoors, six feet apart and wearing masks. I love that!
  2. Are any of you members of N.A.M.E. (National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts)? I'm new to dollhouse miniatures and trying to learn about the dollhouse community.
  3. Thank you for this information. What scale are your dollhouses? My dollhouse is 1:12 and I'm trying to figure out how to display it.
  4. This information is very helpful. What scale are your dollhouses?
  5. Havanaholly, thank you for posting this. The room is amazing! It looks so real and lived in. All of these houses, rooms and vignettes tell stories, don't they? I love that.
  6. Elsbeth, Thank you so much. Someone else recommended this book so it must be good. I'm going to see if my library can get it for me.
  7. Elsbeth, Thank you. This home is wonderful. It's so homey and the details are amazing. I love the afghan!
  8. Havanaholly, How kind of you! I would love that and keep that in mind. Same goes to you. I live near Seattle, WA.
  9. Lani

    San Fran - finished!

    Thanks, Rbytsdy. I bought my first dollhouse already assembled from Hobby Lobby. I was too intimidated to try to assemble a dollhouse myself. RGT says to assemble with tacky glue and never with hot glue. However, it appears to me that my house was assembled with hot glue. So far, all is well but I fear that someday I will need to do some rehab. I used tacky glue on the addition, which I assembled, myself. Now that I've done that and gotten some confidence, l will assemble my next house, myself.
  10. Havanaholly, I love the farmhouse! It's very evocative of the era.
  11. Havanaholly, It's beautiful. I love the front yard!
  12. Lani

    Newberg is done!

    Your house is beautiful!
  13. Havanaholly, This is so interesting! I would love to see photos of your pre-WWII house, if you're willing to share. I have a number of specific ideas of what I want in my house but I'm doing a lot of research to make sure it's (mostly) period authentic and filled in nicely. " I want mine to be very colorful with the light wood pre-mid-century modern type of furniture. I'm going to use a small house and set it up for a single woman's home. Ha! I have a whole back-story for the "owner-family" of my c 1915 house and for my future c1945 house. I don't think I could have furnished and decorated it without the back-story. (Am I the only one who does that?) I love being inspired by what other people are doing.
  14. Lani

    San Fran - finished!

    Rbytsdy, I'm so sorry to hear that. My house is a Real Good Toys house. I believe it is made of MDF! Is that why Greenleaf uses plywood? The MDF is so strong and accepts paint so easily and beautifully, I thought it would be superior. but I have a lot to learn. I'd love to hear your thoughts as I'm a beginner and planning to buy another (my second) dollhouse soon.
  15. Havanaholly, I just joined the NAME Facebook page and am finding out first-hand how welcoming and encouraging everyone is. I look forward to meeting those in my area and, maybe someday, traveling to meet others like you have. Thanks!
  16. I'm a little confused on how the technology works on the forum. Mid-life madness, thank you so much for recommending NAME! I joined the Facebook group and have been very warmly welcomed! I love it and love seeing what everyone is doing.
  17. Thanks. I will. Wow! Old books are really expensive. I'm really excited to borrow this book, if the Library can get it for me.
  18. Thanks. I've been checking Pinterest and Google and have a lot of images posted to refer to as I go along.
  19. Lani

    San Fran - finished!

    Thank you! This house is beautiful!
  20. I live in the Puget Sound region of Washington state and would love to connect in person with other dollhouse miniaturists (when our governor gives the okay). For those of you who have found your local dollhouse community, what advice can you give me to "find my people?" Also, I plan to explore ways I can make dollhouses for charity - maybe join a group that does that. If you have any information to help me, I would greatly appreciate it.
  21. I'm close to being finished with my first dollhouse, setting: circa 1915, so basically Edwardian era. I'm seriously considering setting my second dollhouse in US circa 1945. I want to follow the very early midcentury modern decor. Has anyone done this and/or can give me ideas, advice or resources? If you have done it, I'd absolutely love to see pictures.
  22. Thank you all. I wish I could watch you all work. I've never used power tools. I'm sure I could learn to use them but learning how to make something out of them is daunting! The only piece of furniture I've made from scratch, so far, is a simple quilt rack.
  23. Tigpuppy, Thank you! I would never have thought of doing that but I will now. I appreciate the tip about the gloves too. I will get some.
  24. I'm new to the forum. I'm slowly reading through all the posts. I visited your blog and was blown-away. Your collection is amazing and your workroom is enviable. I'm inspired. I have one dollhouse - my first. I'm nearly finished with it and wondering if I want to start another. You've convince me I do.
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