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  1. I love the rock-brick formation of the fireplace!
  2. We have a palm-sized scrubber maid of chain mail-esque material that cuts the scrubbing down in half.
  3. I am turning the attic into three rooms myself. I'm also adding a "room under the stairs" reading nook decorated with harry potter-esque style.
  4. I have to rethink my door skills now, because when I tried hinges, they wouldn't stay put!
  5. Why didn't I think of Lego bricks to help with right angles! So much more convenient than using nothing. I'll try that when I work on my next small project
  6. The first dollhouse I ever had was one my Aunt made in woodshop class. I was about 4 when she made it, and it had one large attic room, three bedrooms, a kitchen and living room. She didn't furnish it, but she did decorate the walls/carpeting for me. (I distinctly remember that one bedroom had a rainbow painted on the wall.) I had this house in my possession until I was 16, when it was lost in a move. When I was 12, my mom built a dollhouse, but never furnished it. It has been lost to time Life moves on, but I never forgot either dollhouse. About two years ago, we went to the Museum of Miniatures in Tuscon, Arizona. That sparked my interest again, and I decided 'when i have time or money, I'll build myself one." So, Right at the beginning of the pandemic outbreak, I started building a small house: 17 inches, two floors and an attic, with wooden furniture. It was a simple kit, and took me about a week to complete, including the painting/papering/furniture building. I enjoyed doing this, and posted pictures on Facebook. A friend from church who is a miniaturist saw my pictures and *gave* me a treasure trove of miniature things (Tools, paper, paints/brushes, furniture, foods, the list goes on.) Easily 1,000 of stuff to help me with my mini adventures. I made a few more things before continuing to my dollhouse. First was a shoebox closet for my Toy Dinosaur (I dress her up in Barbie clothes sometimes, just as a goof). The second I took a lot of my tiny toy dinosaurs and built a bar scene (also in a shoebox). I included a 'murder victim' in it as well. These two were more about learning how to work with materials than the final products, but I love them both. Now I'm building a Willow dollhouse. This is my first 'big' house, and I've been having some fun with it, though a few problems here and there (Mostly with the tabs/slots not wanting to fit together, but nothing I haven't been able to handle/work around). This one has been a month-long project and I've barely scratched the surface. I feel like though I built the smaller one a few months ago, this Willow is my first *real* build. Anyway, what got ya'll into miniature building
  7. Thanks Kathie! I'm using eyelets. I will check out the video.
  8. I'm wanting to make some of my furniture as well for my project. Love your ideas.
  9. I didn't know we could use magnets!
  10. Hello ! Hi! Howdy Howdy Howdy! I'm relatively new to miniatures. The first dollhouse I built was almost on a whim, something to keep myself occupied. (I think it was a 1:24 scale, I'm not 100% on it right now). I got the bug, and now I'm working on my second house, a Willow. i live in Arizona with my husband and two mini schnauzers. I've been working on the house for about a month (slowly assembling) and Now I'm at a point where I decided to try electricity in it. I'm am using Cir-Kit tapewire. I've followed the best of directions I've seen, but I'm having difficulty confirming the lights 'work.' The test probe works directly on the junction splice, and with the ends, but only 1 out of 4 times on the tape by the splice when I'm testing. On subsequent tapes, it is more like 1/6, so I haven't been able to check beyond one room. Honestly, i don't know if i have bad tape, bad tester, bad installer, or just don't know how to work the probe. Does anyone have advice on how to proceed?
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