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  1. Thanks so much Sable. Do you have any advice on placement of master wire/main line in a way that would be accessible to both the front and back of the dollhouse? I've read that it's best to go up from the bottom, up one side, across the top and back down the other side as a main loop as it's supposed to hold up better?
  2. I'm updating my childhood dollhouse (Stanley Colonial) and using tape wire for the first time. I could really use some advice This is a large, two-sided dollhouse and would appreciate your thoughts on how best to run the main line to get to both sides. I'm planning to add a false-bottom that the main line can come up from. Also of note..the chimney is essentially a large hole that goes straight down until it hits the thick wood base. Wondering if this would be the best place to come up from the false bottom. There are 7 fireplaces, but I'm thinking maybe the fireplace on the back side would be good to light up since it's the only visible one. Photos show the dollhouse with doors and roof off. I'm hoping to get all the tape wire set-up then work on one side so that my niece can start playing with it while I finish the opposite side.
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