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  1. I am builing a three floor wooden dollhouse by hand. My room l outlets will either consist of either large brass hollow eyelets CK1023-2 sunk into the tape run or the Pound-In Receptacle CK1003-1 of which I have a supply of both. My plan is to leave the large stock factory plugs that came with the lamps on, where possible. This is where my help question arises. What are the recommended way(s) of attaching the ceiling lamps? I rather avoid soldering since my dollhouse is not tip-able (only rotatable using the lazy-susan assembly I made). I could easily melt the tape run having to reac
  2. I hand built a large 8-room 3-floor house and just finsihed installing the tape-wire system. The entire house, inside and out, was completely sealed with White BIN PRIMER Ultimate StainiBlocker before the wire was installed. My question is is it more common to paint all the inside our outsid of the house first? I'm wondering if I can minimize my potential painting problems with either approach first. Your adivice/recommendatin would be appreciated. Rob
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