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  1. Hi havanaholly, I'm in the Bradenton area, but do go to Orlando once in a while. Thanks!
  2. Hi Joanna I'm also doing orchid. If you go to my posts and replies there are links there for the orchid blogs that might help. Have fun!
  3. Hi! Newbee question here...What's the best way to do the interior walls and why? I've seen that some folks decorate all the walls before gluing the shell and other folks glue the shell first. I'm working on the Orchid. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Mid-Life! No, I didn't have those instructions. The one I have is VERY vague! This will really help since it has images. Much appreciated.
  5. Thanks so much Queen of Spackle! This is awesome info and I really appreciate it.
  6. Hi Mid-life! I have the Orchid, and have practically no idea on how to proceed. Did find a great blog entitled More Mini Houses that goes through the process so I am getting more comfortable with starting. While I have made many mini house kits (other companies), they provided everything and pictured step by step instructions. I will check out your blog too! Thanks. I have a gazxillion questions! Where should I post these?
  7. Hi Everyone, Weather has been lovely down this way lately :) I've been a crafter, pseudo artist since I was a child. While I have completed about 10 dollhouse "kits", I have never started from scratch like the Greenleaf designs are. Hoping I can get some great tips from these blogs. Looking forward to showing you my progress!
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