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  1. Did you know that it doesn't open? I've been meandering through the world of mini trunks since I'm wanting to do a steamer trunk (the kind that stands on it's side and opens) but I had no luck so I'm bungling my way through a diy one...I'm also doing a writing slope by a company that also does a trunk that opens...the quality is really rather nice even though it's cardboard. Anyway, long story short, what about this one by the same company? https://www.thelittledollhousecompany.com/dollhouses-miniatures-furniture-kits/miniature-furniture-accessories-diy-kits-c-262/miniature-steamer-trunk-with-lift-out-tray-kit-for-dollhouses-p-14296
  2. I agree, Holly, they are gorgeous. So many dollhouses are...but I don't see many for 60 dollars
  3. Hi Carrie...thanks for asking. They only want 60 for it, no furnishings and the stairs seem to be missing.
  4. Aww thanks so much for the welcome... Lee, what I have is a Hobby Lobby special..."Victorian Cottage Jr". 2 rooms down, three in the attic (but with annoying half walls)...Not my dream of a house, but fun, nonetheless
  5. I hope it's okay to post the link rather than pics... This exact dollhouse (front opening) is on my local CL...I was wondering what you all thought of it? I'm new to this but have been entranced by miniatures forever, it seems. I'm currently messing around with my daughters old, cheap, dollhouse just for a fun project, so do I *need* this? Nope. But it has more rooms and it looks like it has lights, (but they may just be decorative--I haven't asked yet). I checked online and couldn't find this one, or any variation in kit form... Anyway, I just wanted opinions...The CL posting only has a couple bad pics hence this link: https://www.meadowlandsmuseum.com/past-events The house is about half way down. THANK YOU so much whoever wants to comment--any and all appreciated ETA furnishing are NOT included...
  6. Hi all I'm so happy to have found this wonderful community. Decided to join after a good lurk so here I am. I've always been fascinated by miniatures of all kinds, probably due to watching my dad build his model airplanes when I was a kid. Fast forward, my own kids have moved out and that means there's room. My dad, now in his 80's, is still happy to build (I'll get to posting a couple of his creations that he made for me). Anyway, I recently pulled out my daughters dollhouse, a cheap and hastily assembled toy put together by my husband. It was a mess and not really carefully crafted so I figured I would fool around with it with the knowledge that I couldn't really make it worse... I'm doing a lot of diy/inventive stuff as I don't want to put money into it, really. So. Necessity being the mother of invention, I'm reading a lot of really good blogs by really talented people! Thanks for letting me introduce myself---I look forward to "meeting" you all
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