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  1. Thank you for replying havanaholly, but I found the piece that I needed.
  2. I'm stuck. Need help with the porch please. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thank y'all for the warm welcome's..and the great tips! Quick question: Where is a good place to buy paint?
  4. Hello everyone I'm Cindy.. Happy (belated) Mother's Day to all the beautiful Mom's. Today I opened my 1st "Greenleaf (Orchid) Dollhouse Kit". I broke 2 windows already, but only because I was so excited. LoL..cough-cough.. :P I wasn't sure if I should use wood-filler or glue? I went with the "Gorilla-Glue" which seemed to workout just fine.. Crosses-fingers & holds-breath! I started a video too, so when the dollhouse is done we can watch it together. :) Ok, tty'all real soon. Cindy a.k.a. MayFlower86
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