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  1. Fantastic ideas one and all! Thanks! I will be doing a lot of experimenting in the next few weeks. The Squirrel House (the eBay fixer-upper I’m also working on) is wavering between becoming a Tudor Townhouse or a North Oxford Gothic, so I should be pretty proficient at this when I’m done.
  2. Ok, I’ve been perusing the forum and the blogs, and in a way I feel like I’ve almost gotten too much information! Lots to process. I’ve labeled and dry-fitted the main bits of my Orchid, and I know what I want to do with about 3/4 of it. However, the exterior is a puzzle. I want to achieve the effect of smooth, newly-applied plaster on the outside of my house, and I’d love to know what material more experienced people prefer to use, and what sort of prep would be best. Thanks!
  3. Hi! I’ve been browsing the site for a while, but finally decided to sign up. I have two dollhouses to work on: the first is a huge thing I got on eBay that is roughly the size of a loveseat. I call it the Squirrel House because it’s always distracting me from things I should be doing. I’m about 3/4 of the way through stripping down the interior, but, due to conflicts with my husband’s work-at-home set-up, I can only work on it every other weekend, when I’m home from my own job. The second is an Orchid; I got the kit off of eBay about 2 years ago and never got around to building it because life intervened. I’ve finally opened the box, as I can build it in the dining room without disturbing anyone else in the house. Lots of questions, though, as this is the first time I’ve ever built a whole house!
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