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  1. No advice as I’m new here myself but just wanted to say hello and welcome!
  2. I wish I had known this before using it for a non-mini project (made a chalkboard from an old picture frame)—it really swelled up and leaked out all over the place. I was able to mostly chisel it out but it was not the clean look I was after! welcome! I’m new here myself!
  3. I Looooove spreadsheets so you’re speaking my language. I currently am taking a few weeks off between jobs and my husband joked that I would end up making spreadsheets on how to spend my time!
  4. Thanks everyone! Great ideas! The problem I’ve had so far is being stuck in “analysis paralysis” which is common for me—so much looking at ideas and not enough execution.
  5. Hi! Thanks for the welcome! It is an old kit from Walmer—“Plum Pudding.” I’m probably going to modify it a bit, because I’m not crazy about the gingerbread. The siding, which I put on ages ago with my dad, is kind of imperfect. I tried loosening the adhesive to see if I could do a different exterior treatment but it’s on there pretty solidly!
  6. Hi everyone, new here! I live in Maryland outside of DC. I have always been fascinated by miniatures and am currently finishing assembly on a kit that my parents bought when I was a preteen and that was 30+ years ago! My mom had wanted to pay for assembly but my dad said it would be a fun father daughter project! Well it would have been, but we didn’t start until I was no longer living in my hometown! I finally got a (life size) house of my own and could bring the partially finished mini house to my house! I have a LOT to learn!
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