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  1. I thought the show's first episode was pretty good. I caught the host, just once, say "men-a-tourist" instead of miniaturist. Why I let that bother me, I have no clue! The surprise mini-challenge was sneaky, but all three pairs of competitors seemed to take it on surprisingly well - as if a roomy space in each structure had already been set aside as a blank canvas area for a "just in case" event.
  2. I have a Willowcrest kit that I have yet to assemble - along with at least two dozen other kits. I "hope" I get to it while I am still able to! The Willowcrest has such lovely architectural details. I have made many structures, but have become a mini-hoarder over the years, so I better get to it!
  3. I sent a message a couple of days ago. I hope that it went through.
  4. The picture in my profile image is one of my completed houses.
  5. OMG! I LOVE it! I am in Desert Hot Springs and would joyfully make the trip! I have been building and creating for over 40 years and I still own every single place in my own "community." What a lovely addition this would make. I am completely interested! Michael
  6. I have been a builder/creator for 40 plus years and I would be delighted to work on this and show images of progress. I have images of many that I have worked on and they are all still with me, even my first house from just over 40 years ago. I have tons of pictures on my FB page. I live in Southern California. I tried to post a few images - no luck for me here.
  7. tobymcv


    I would love to see updates on this one! It looks awesome!
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