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  1. Your kitchens are very impressive! I’m not concerned about doors opening. The exception would be an opening refrigerator. I absolutely agree with upper cabinet height. I doubt I will build my own kitchen but I do think I am now way better equipped at choosing one.
  2. It did indeed! Y’all have been so helpful. I am no longer afraid.
  3. I’m now relieved I didn’t use gloss finish paint in my house. I didnt know that. I actually have not seen too much mission furniture for sale.
  4. Very cool! I love the green. Where did you get your dining set? I haven’t heard of Hobby Builders Supply. I’ll have to check them out.
  5. I didn’t realize Jacqueline designed furniture as well. I like the sink. I’m partial to the farmhouse sinks or free standing sinks. My set doesn’t have it. I jumped the gun. I should have taken my time with the kitchen. I’m looking at the sets the girl from life in a dollhouse makes. Those are crazy pricey. I did notice that you can buy the island and registration separately now so you don’t have to buy the whole set in one go.
  6. Thank you for the suggestions and encouragement! I can’t tell you how nervous I was just to paint the interior rooms. We had the interior of our house repainted a couple of years ago. I just used the same SW colors.
  7. Thank you for the suggestion! I have a few ADs lying around. I was also looking on Houzz online.
  8. Oh my! This is wonderful! Thank you. I see some of her room dimensions are different. I never would have thought about false windows with photographs! How cool. She is so talented! I definitely cannot make my own kitchen. My kitchen is 16 inches deep by 10 inches wide. The one 16 inch side has a window in the middle and the other has a double door opening. It makes it awkward for the 11.25/11.5 inch wide kitchens. I bought a white Aztec kitchen. It looks ridiculous in there. I think it would look better in a smaller kitchen. I’m definitely going to replace it.
  9. Thank you Elsbeth! I will have to look into the plate rack. I had not thought of that. I am having fun with the house. I love that it has so many rooms. I turned one of the attic rooms into a laundry room. My Achilles heel is that I’m out of my depth with DIY, hence my profile name.
  10. Thank you! This is really good advice. I looked on house and Pinterest to see kitchens with 12 foot ceilings. The beans or I’m thinking maybe even a coffered ceiling might work. I’m going to see my dad in a couple of weeks. Maybe he can make some beams for me. I hadn’t thought about he lighting. Thank you for the suggestion! The top of the window is 8.5 inches high.
  11. Thank you! I really like the second kitchen. These pictures give me hope.
  12. Hello, This is actually my first post. I have a dollhouse from childhood (my dad built it from plans). My dad modified it a bit. The second floor has 3 rooms instead of 4. Anyway, it’s the Windflower manor house designed by Jacquline Kerr Deiber, in case anyone is interested. I am currently completely redecorating it. My chief design problem is that I am having the hardest time finding a kitchen set, even a custom set that will look good in the kitchen because the ceilings are so high (12 inches). I would be grateful for any suggestions. Thank you!
  13. I’ve bought jewelry from there twice and had good experiences both times.
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