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  1. I agree, but put a some wax paper on after the floor dries and then a heavy book overnight.
  2. 20 years I found a partially constructed, filthy, and partially destroyed Greenleaf Pierce house in a neighbor’s trash. I took it home, I rebuilt the porch, kind of restored the turret, painted it, and decorated inside and made/bought furniture appropriate for my 5-year old niece for a Christmas present. A few years later I made a room box of my husband’s corner candy store in the Bronx. That was really my favorite since I did not have to do building, just the creative part. I made food, Spaulding balls for stick ball, cigarettes, magazines, and this was still when the internet was not as rich as it is today. About 10 years ago I made shadow boxes for my grandsons, which I really enjoyed. But now, I am building a Greenleaf Primrose (I do not enjoy the building, sanding, priming, sanding, priming) with the greenhouse plus I will put an arbor on the back for an outdoor eating area. It will be on a 2x2 board so lots of space for greenery. I am having trouble with the painting. I am using craft satin acrylic and even though I primed and sanded it just seems to suck it up. I am almost done with exterior and anxious to get to interior!
  3. What is the best way to remove paint from the plastic sheeting in the windows? I am such a sloppy painter! I only use acrylic paint. I want the windows to be nice and clear!
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