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  1. Thank you! I never heard of wallpapering a ceiling until reading some articles today. Why is that needed, especially if you already painted them?
  2. Thank you so much! All wonderful advice. I found my old electrifying kit. Looks like I don’t have much tape wire left, so I’ll need to buy some more and possibly a whole new kit, if I go that route. I’d like to do so, if at all possible, because I know how to do it. I don’t know much about round wire. I discovered I have a special tool for inserting eyelets. It has a wood handle and is called the EZ Punch and says it’s for MDF boards. Do either of you know where to get good wallpaper online? I have the sheets with numbers on them to reorder it, unless they aren’t made any more. Thank you again for the support.
  3. I’m glad I found the right place. Thank you for helping me. When I started, I tried the eyelets, but for some reason I had a really hard time getting them into the copper and wood, so brads were easier. I ended up finishing the whole first floor with wallpaper and all. I had a terrible time with the sconces and chandelier with the plug-like connection made by CirKit, but eventually they worked with the help of Clairebell brass, although, in time they started to lose the connection. Anyway, only the first floor and part of the second are complete. Then, I later wire taped the entire house. I tried to use the fold method as best I could, but often it needed connections with brads. It’s a big Victorian house with 3 stories made be Real Good Toys. I was thinking if I soldered the brads to the copper, then the connection would be more stable. I can try the eyelets, but I remember having a hard time with them. Since 20 years ago, I now know how to solder. I haven’t started on the house yet. It’s still in the basement, but I’m hoping to bring it up within the next week or so. Then, I can see what state it’s in. The front porch light is hanging down and will need to be reattached from the inside. That’s where I’ll need to peel back the wallpaper and remove the molding. I’ll also have to redo the chandelier, because the wires got ripped out. I attached it from the ceiling to second floor, but the connection was faulty. If the sconces don’t work, I’ll have to redo the whole thing. Probably the junction splice will need to be reattached. I’d hate to have to redo the whole thing. I’ve been reading about what you suggested with using card stock to put the wallpaper on. I’ll do that moving forward. Maybe you’re right, though, that it will need to be redone.
  4. Thank you all for your suggestions. If I peal off the Mylar, won’t it pull out the brads with it around the joints? If so, do I need to place new ones in exactly the same place? I have so many more questions. Not sure if I should use this thread or not. Any suggestions on removing wallpaper to get at old connections?
  5. I started my first electrified dollhouse over 20 years ago. I stopped, because the wiring just got too difficult. I used a CirKit wiring system. I did manage to wire the house, but getting the lights in and wallpapering it properly to work got to be too much. Now 20 years later, I want to get back into the hobby and try doing it again. I’ve read a lot and realized how many mistakes I’ve made. I want to solder the joints, but the Mylar is still on the tape. How do I remove it to solder the joints now that it’s on the walls and has brads already in place? I will also have to rip out some wallpaper to fix the outside entry lamp on the inside. Any suggestions? I want to do it right this time.
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