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  1. Ok so I should have listened to KathieB! ‘You’ll miss it’ she said. ‘You won’t last 5 minutes’!’ You’ll regret it’! I left Greenleaf just about a year ago, packed my bags, changed my name, locked my toolbox and turned my workroom at home into a mini gym and although I’m up to 2 miles a day on my treadmill and the static bike has left me walking like Roy Rogers you know what?………I’m bored………fit as a butchers dog, built like a Greek God (I wish!) but bored! I miss the splinters! I miss the broken nails and my hands are so clean they glow in the dark. Most of all though I miss the challenges and I miss the folk on Greenleaf who shared those challenges and often came up with the best solutions! I’ve been besotted with all things miniature for years……From railways with my Son and on to model boats when he grew up, went to university and found friends his own age. When I finally decided to retire from a career providing ‘boys toys’ in some amazing London homes I re-kindled my love of miniatures and started building 1/12th models of those same houses that I’d come to love. Not sure what I want to build yet but I’ve restocked my wood supply and I’m raring to go…….I was hoping to re-build my albums but I notice the request to defer on that. so I’ll spend some time getting to know you all in the meantime. That’s the plan so far anyway! Talk soon I hope Mike
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