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  1. I know resistance happens over the length of a wire in general but I don’t see this as an issue for a dollhouse (Beacon Hill) or am I wrong in this case? I’d hate to have to keep changing out 9V batteries every day and at this point, I feel like my only option would be to switch out the power source to something other than the 9V batteries. Except, I’m not sure to what (I’m not thrilled about having to plug it into a wall).
  2. https://pin.it/VZGokrR https://pin.it/A4s1jLh here are the links to the house. I had thought I had taken a picture of the battery connection on the bottom but I will get another one shortly.
  3. Help! I started my first dollhouse and FINALLY got to a finishing point after about a year and a half. There are still a few minor things that need done but it’s finished enough for now (I needed to finish it by Xmas for my daughter). I have made dozens of little 1:24 models in the past and am a little knowledgable in electrical (aircraft electrician over a decade ago) but have since become rusty in the topic. I opted to install 6, small LED lights into the dollhouse, connected by a series of 9v batteries. Since my other smaller models have included similar setups with the LEDs and batteries, I didn’t think this would be an impossible task. I have ordered 9V lights and hardwired them into the house, connecting them in series to 6, 9v battery housing and a switch. It had seemed a bit of overkill to me, since the smaller models often used a single AA battery for often up to 4-5 bright lights. Except, it was very dim (which I don’t mind too much, as it’s more for effect anyway) and lasted maybe 30 minutes before dying. I’m lost now on what to do. I would have to completely cut into the house and moulding to replace the wiring. Thoughts? Did I completely mess this up? Help!! I will try to post pictures of the setup.
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