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  1. Or maybe “Barbie” sized if not 18-inches — I guess the floors are each only 17 inches tall
  2. It’s 4 feet tall, so I assume it’s for 18 inch dolls — practically free! Wish I knew someone who could use it.
  3. This is on Facebook Marketplace in Canton!!
  4. I’m impressed by the handmade/sewn furniture! I would love to try that at some point. True story— this morning, I opened the sewing machine my mother-in-law bought me for Christmas a decade ago. I hemmed one curtain panel. It took me an HOUR. :-) Oh well, something to work towards! I’m taking the advice about the Melissa & Doug dolls — we’ve liked their toys in the past, and I like the dolls in particular that LeeB posted about. I see the blocky/bendy new dolls you mentioned too! Interesting design choice ... I’m also looking at Ryan’s Room since their dolls appear to b
  5. I didn’t know about the team building blogs! Very cool. I will definitely check them out before I break open the Orchid box. I am so impressed by the community here. I didn’t know anyone built dollhouses—including my own stepdad!—until I bought one on a whim. I’m totally blown away by the creative expertise of you craftsmen and craftswomen!
  6. I was wondering if Afton Classics actually was the name of the brand or if it was some long-closed store because I’ve never heard of it and couldn’t find much about it online ... and nothing at all about the “Williamsburg”! Thanks for posting the link about the Rosehill house!! These photos of the Greenfield house look similar to the Williamsburg minus the porch: https://s31.photobucket.com/user/purple87ss/Afton%2520Classic%2520Dollhouse/story
  7. You’re right! One of the boys has “helped” paint this house and glue some of the window trim. :-)
  8. The brass (?) pieces match a bed too that I forgot to photograph. Oops. You’re exactly right about the dog! And I think you’re right about the stove too — it must be cast iron because it is HEAVY! I feel like I’m finally getting to play with all the tiny trinkets I adored when I was little, ha!
  9. This has been on Craigslist for a few months: https://huntsville.craigslist.org/tag/d/huntsville-doll-house-furnished-400-obo/7059754012.html
  10. Here are a few of the other treasures that were inside this house. The fireplace was built and signed in 1981. Pretty neat!
  11. The Pottery Barn Kids set reminds me of Calico Critters, which I also like for its chunkiness. :-) I had no idea the Dollar Tree had furniture! That is awesome! Thanks for the suggestions!!
  12. Bought a doll house from the 80’s from the original owner, and she gave me a box of her old furniture and knick-knacks! :-)
  13. This is hilarious, but I really do like these dolls and would absolutely buy them if they weren’t $80. Nefertiti watching TV, Ramses in a robe in the bathroom (there’s a “porcelain throne” joke to be made here), King Tut flipping pancakes ... “Egyptian Pharaohs, they’re just like us!”
  14. Oh, those are good points! Thank you!! I’m glad you mentioned the doors and windows being “in the way” of little hands — I can definitely see that. We have lots of Melissa and Doug puzzles, dress up clothes and sets, coloring books/supplies, cars, play food, and a train set. Not sure why I never looked to see if they have dolls too! That should have been obvious to me, haha. I’ve started on this dollhouse adventure because I found a box kit for cheap and thought it seemed like a fun project and something I always wanted as a little girl — but my daughter is not even crawling yet. It’s
  15. Hopefully more instruction photos to follow. What brand is this?
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