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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience - sounds like a plan!
  2. Thanks very much! Good point regarding the layers/stripper. I do have a Dremel - yipee!
  3. Hello All, I don't see where I can respond to each of you individually, so I'm doing it this way. Thanks so very much for all of your helpful suggestions! Sounds like a 'combo' approach is best - stripper, scraping and/or Dremel. I happen to have a Dremel! I'll circle back and let you know how it goes...
  4. Hi - I'm working on building my second dollhouse; the parts are MDF - including the exterior. I fear I made a mess of the exterier clapboard by using paint that is too thick, and putting on too many coats. Sanding even the one coat was difficult and so I put additonal paint layers (about 3-4) hoping I could create a smooth finish that way! Needless to say, I made things worse. I'm wondering if there's a method for stripping paint off of an MDF surface - I'm aware it's very porous so chemical stirippers may not work ( ? ?). Any suggestions?
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