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  1. Curious how do u go about using brown paper? Just width of foam being attached? Thanks!
  2. I'm sorry very confused ... what are T pins? What are they & quilters pins used for? Lost, thanks!
  3. Fabulous, it really looks terrific. Impressed by your IT ability too!
  4. Jenz

    Benni and mini.jpg

    Absolutely adorable! I wanted to have one made up of my little Devon Rex, Peanut. I've was in touch w woman in Asheville NC on Etsy who does AMAZING job realistic like yours. Sorry can't remember her shop name @ moment. Having my pet in one of mini room boxes is a MUST!
  5. Hoped use glue gun to put foam board together. Just wondered if clear Tombow aqua glue with brush tip end work for the wallpaper? I did a 1/24 kit well w it but wasn't wallpaper. I'm not going to do electrical, using LED battery lamps so nothing to cover on walls.
  6. Jenz

    Ballet Studio

    Wonderful!! I'm doing ballet related room boxes. Curious, how did u attach barre & where find mirror fit to size? My main room has varied instruments, and ballerina needing barre.
  7. I'm Jennifer and I'm new to miniatures. I absolutely adore them as a hobby! I've been homebound prior to Covid and teaching myself little by little. I am creative and have done all sorts of other artistic hobbies (was my 1st major in college). Very excited to meet other enthusiasts and see your creations! Embarrassingly I started with a cardboard box room which is now 3 cardboard rooms with pictures unhung & mini items purchased or made. I've ordered foam board and have the spray paint & wallpaper. Curious anyone have experience with foamboard and attaching wallpaper? I wanted to
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