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  1. Hi, I was wondering if Greenleaf has a Southern Plantation kit. I saw one on Esty but it is in Australia and they only have 1 left. I'm interested in having it be my next project as I love the look of it BUT I just started my very 1st project and I'm nowhere near ready to get another one. Thanks
  2. Thanks Y'all! Happy to be apart of a such a sweet Little group.
  3. Hello As you can probably tell I'm new! I'm Theresa from Hendersonville TN and I have a new project I am starting. Taking apart and cleaning up a poorly constructed Tennyson dollhouse. I have never made a doll house before and I am scared to death. Any and all tips are helpful and appreciated. Thanks in advance. I am a cake artist and I love to make miniatures in fondant and put on cakes. I love anything that is in miniature form. below is an example of my fondant work. Hopefully I can make it happen in a dollhouse too! Thanks Ya'll
  4. Hello, My name is Theresa and I am from Tennessee. I was directed here by a great lady names Tracy Topps. I reached out to her about a dollhouse I bought about 2 yrs ago and just let sit because I didn't know where to start. I couldn't find it on line and she knew exactly which house it was. It is a old Tennyson. It was put together with massive amounts of hot glue , which I am now working on taking apart and cleaning. Any tips or tricks would be helpful and appreciated. I am a Cake Artist by trade, working for myself. I got started with cakes because my hobby was making minia
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