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  1. Thanks, Justin! It's scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby.
  2. Thanks, Kim! We got the jars at a hobby shop and filled with things from the kitchen - made the towels from scrap fabric and my six year old picked out the bath accessories from minatures.com!
  3. close up of the curio cabinet
  4. Had a great time renovating the bath in my childhood Dura Craft FH. Included a photo close to the before (had already added ceiling paper). We did new wallpaper, subway tile, new furniture and light fixtures.
  5. Oh goodness thank you. I had no idea how hard re doing the paper would be. Hoping the baseboard will help hide imperfections. I have a Cricut machine I used to cut the pieces based on measurements. But it still required several refits.
  6. Thanks. It’s a Dura-craft Farmhouse FH-505 built in the early-mid 90s.
  7. Here is one more where you can see the gold a little better.
  8. Yes gold! Is there a way to fix typos in previous posts? Here is the original floor and what I updated. Still in process of new wallpaper, etc.
  9. In the process of renovating and updating my childhood house. Just covered the old painted attic floors with this golf flecked cork fabric, updated wallpaper and paint. Ordered some baseboard/skirting and a few new accessories to finish out the space.
  10. Hi Kathie - trying to delete one of them but not seeing how to...
  11. As a child, my dad and I built the Dura-Craft Farmhouse FH 505. My parents have generously stored the house at their home all these years, but I brought it home the other day and I am currently giving the interior some much needed updates as my five year old daughter has shown an interest in playing with it. Looking forward to inspiration from this community!
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