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  1. Thank you! I haven't figured out how to do that yet. LOL
  2. I bought the lamp but added a led chip light to it.
  3. I thought I would try making my own furnishings for my dollhouse. So far this is what I have. I still have to add hardware to the cabinets and other little things. Next I'm going to try a table and chairs and light fixture to go above my island. I never thought I would be making my own furnishings. LOL
  4. Thank you for the compliments!
  5. I ordered pillow kits. I probably could have been a little neater sewing them but I was too lazy to drag out my sewing machine. LOL.
  6. Ok, it's not letting me load my dollhouse. LOL
  7. Even though I'm new here, it's great to be back. In my normal life I made jewelry but I finally decided to take a break and work on the dollhouse my son got me for my birthday. All this covid 19 stuff went down and now I'm having to help the two grandkids with distant learning. It worked out so I can work on the dollhouse while the kiddos are doing school work. This is my Painted Lady my son got me and my first ever sofa I made.
  8. Yeah about the inside, it's a disaster! I started working on it just a little bit but never finished. I'm going to start over on it.
  9. Can you find small beads and add silver leaf to them to give you the mercury glass look?
  10. Thanks so much everyone! I'm stuck at home with a sick little girl so I'll have to wait on coloring shingles until she goes back to school and I can go to town to get a few things.
  11. Hello everyone! Can I safely color wood shingles by diluting a little acrylic craft paint with water and lightly soaking the shingles for a few minutes? I want to get subtle shades of grey with some slightly darker and some slightly lighter. I don't want them to look painted just lightly dyed.
  12. Welcome Teresa! I'm new here too and so glad I joined. This is a great place and everyone is friendly and very helpful.
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