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  1. Cutting bricks from egg cartons.
  2. I use the side of this tool to push the edges down to round out the squareness caused during cutting.
  3. Brick work. This is the side of the chimney where the steps are.
  4. Spackle mixed with paint and water sprayed into mixture via old windex bottle. Works great.
  5. Before adding the hole for fireplace and firewood box. I cut off the wood to the right of the chimney. See other pictures in my gallery.
  6. Bedroom fireplace of glencroft.
  7. My chimney that I bashed. I cut away the beam that attached to the chimney. My bricks are egg carton bricks that I painted with acrylic paint, eyeshadow, and chalk. I then modge podged and filled in cracks with spackle mixed with paint.
  8. Stone work done with egg carton. Painted with acrylic paint, eye makeup, and chalk. Covered over with two layers of modge podge. Let dry, then added spackle mixed with acrylic paint and a tiny bit of water around stones and wiped off excess from stones. At the end I sprayed canned modge podge over to seal it.
  9. I cut out my stair treads myself form extra lumber I had because the wood that came with the kit wasn't big enough for my taste.
  10. Jeri Hahn

    Glencroft 2020

    First time builder other than paper houses. I am building the Glencroft by Greenleaf and am about 1/4 through. This hobby is so much fun!
  11. The light color beam just had wood filler with no paint. So, I guess I should have painted it brown before I posted it. Sorry.
  12. I want to cover up the cheap looking plywood and make it look like hand hewn wood I guess. I am being picky aren't I?
  13. So, I want my beams to look substantial. Also, I am going to open my staircase in my Glencroft so will be using a 3/4 " floor to ceiling beam to hold everything up. I also want this pole to look like a "meaty" piece of wood. I've stained one ceiling beam with Golden oak minwax stain and then painted over with acrylic "melted chocolate " by Apple barrel. I painted one with a tan color wood filler and will go back and put wood grain in with my exacto knife. Not sure which I like best. Any ideas? Jeri
  14. I am going to try and paint some of my first rock wall in my Glencroft kitchen. I am so unsure of myself!!!
  15. Just trying out iron on veneer strips with gray stain for kitchen floor. Omg! It's going to be fabulous Using thin cardboard pattern for base. Jeri
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