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  1. sounds like how im doing this house. my first house i just did, and see my flaws, which im trying to avoid with this house! Thanks for all your wonderful tips!
  2. My daughter and I put our first dollhouse on hold for a short bit here, because i just got a new house kit, the "Country house"   I just fell in love with it when I saw the house, so I HAD to buy it! Im doing some of it different, my last 3 houses, i decorated as i went. im painting everything first, but wanted to know how you did it? Do you put it together then paint and decorate? This one Im wanting to put a few lights in to. Maybe just one light in each room. Any good, non-expensive light set up anyone can lead me too? and Any lighting tip
  3. That blog is awesome! Thanks again!
  4. Yes...lol...I was text talking! Thank you, I'll look!
  5. I'm wondering if someone has built this house. I'm stuck on the bay window. Can someone show me a detailed up close picture of theirs? I can't seem to find online what I'm looking for. Grrrrr Thank you!
  6. My name is Jill, I live in Iowa, I am currently creating the green leaf orchard dollhouse. I bought the kit for my daughter who is almost 13, for Christmas and we are currently creating it.I'm looking around and trying to find a topic where the orchard dollhouse kit is being made so if anybody can link me to that that would be wonderful thank you!
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