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  1. I'll paint it. I want to get some of the inside done first. Yeah, it's had a rough life. But it fit perfectly up in that "Mom's attic" on a Uhaul. It's only lost the front porch step, which is not a problem to make it myself. The underneath of it I had to re-strengthen, just from moving it around, some of the slats came loose. I really need a turntable of some kind. The cat table I got from a shop in San Antonio, I think they closed, they still have stuff, but it's by appt only.
  2. My Beacon Hill in process I bought the kit back in 2008. I got the basic shell done at that time, but life put it to the side. This shell has moved from Texas to Missouri, back to Texas, to Virginia, back to Texas. I got a little done here and there. I finally got the box back out in the last month, I have the windows almost done, and some of the trim on. I know I'm sloppy, and I get in a hurry. I put some of the household stuff from the giant box in the rooms, not permanently, just to put something in it. I had a metal dollhouse when I was a child, which is now a collectors item, but
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