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  1. Thanks for the advice about the tools etc I’m itching to get started but I’m definitely gonna research tools and materials first as I don’t want to rush anything and regret it. Cross stitch sounds like a great skill to have when doing dolls house interiors I bet, I may have to get used to painting in 1:12 scale but once I am I will definitely be up for a swap :)
  2. Thank you fur mama they’re great tips which I’m sure I will definitely use when I get started. I have seen the mini embroidery floss crochet blankets and rugs people have done on here it’s all so lovely and mini! Definitely makes a change from my chunky wool blankets I’ve been making for sure!!
  3. Thank you for the replies. There is so much info on here isn’t there! I was excited to see that it is a big community that is supportive and encouraging of its members!
  4. Hello all my names Becky. I am completely new to the doll house building process, but after seeing some of the beautiful pictures on here, Pinterest and instagram (currently obsessed over lavender belle miniatures!!). I thought I’d take the plunge and try out my own project. I bought the Buttercup #9306 by corona concepts. I am a bit of a crafty person with scrapbooking, crochet, and painting my main hobbies so hopefully they will come into use. if anyone has either finished or worked on the Buttercup or has any hints or tips for a little newbie like me I would love to hear from you all
  5. Hi bob I’m new to the doll house building process also. I have just bought a buttercup cottage from green leaf as my first ever project and have to say I’m surprised at how excited I am after searching Pinterest, instagram and this site Becky
  6. This is awesome! I’m such a huge fan of friends excited to see the pictures!!
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