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  1. $15 for this sweet cottage. Someone north of NYC needs to grab this. https://hudsonvalley.craigslist.org/tag/d/newburgh-victorian-dollhouse-wood/7047375306.html
  2. Hi, Becky - Another newbie here, also hoping that my scrapbooking experience (and supplies!) will come in handy with miniatures. There's so much helpful information here in the forum, enjoy!
  3. Thanks! I'll add that to my library list. I think I'll be making use of interlibrary loan.
  4. Thank you so much for the suggestions! And a great reminder that the best solution may not be to recreate the actual technique. Especially because I'm now considering a Lundby house which means 1:16 scale! I'm adding those resources to my library list, and I've gone down an internet rabbit hole learning about chenille! Look forward to sharing my projects!
  5. Hi, everyone - Happy to have found this forum as I get (re)started in dollhouses after several decades away. First project plans are for a 1950s style ranch, 1:12 scale. Until I locate the perfect-for-me house, I'm itching to try a crafty project, in addition to lots of style and technique research. I'm thinking of a bedspread/blanket as it would have some flexibility in terms of matching exact colors and styles later. I'm thinking maybe filet crochet - although it really dates earlier, it looks like it might be a good beginner project. Thoughts, or other suggestio
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